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This is the second chapter as per request! :D


Chapter Two
She couldn’t believe that she’d made up her mind to do it. But if she didn’t, she knew Sin would. But Sin wouldn’t be so forgiving. Sin wouldn’t let him off easy. Sin would take everything away from him and then turn her angry wrath on Shimi. What would Sin do? Probably let the Elder Council deal with her, and that wasn’t going to be any better than Sin dealing with Shimi herself. It would not be good at all. That was the only reason, Shimi thought, that she had to be the one to do it. There was no other way around it.
 Shimi found herself making plans how and when she should do it. But she didn’t want them to work. “No,” she thought, “They can’t. They mustn’t.” But she knew deep down that they had to work, or else Sin would find out about everything! Shimi felt so confused, torn between what she knew had to be done and what her heart wanted. She began stalling by making herself forget any plans she had made.
 However, Draco, who knew just as well as she did what would happen if she kept procrastinating, decided to force her into doing it one night. He did care about Shimi’s feelings but he would have rather seen her emotionally hurt than that and perhaps physically once Sin found out.
 That was just the thing with Sin. No one knew for sure how she’d react to things because she kept her emotions hidden until the last seconds. But they knew one thing was for sure, any way that she’d react this time would definitely not be good!
That night, they took their friend, Gorgo, along because Draco had told his suspicions to him earlier before he had confronted Shimi.
They made their way through the night silently. Shimi thought, at first, that this would be another of their outings but she had a good feeling as they made their way further away from The Lair what they had really set out to do. She decided not to think about it.
And that’s when they spotted him, standing in the lit part of the sidewalk. “Go for it, just bite him and then we’ll all go back home,” Draco whispered.
“Where will you be?” Shimi whispered back.
“Standing here,” he replied, “where he can’t see us.”
“But–” Shimi tried to argue as Draco pushed her into the streetlight.
“Hey Sarah!” he exclaimed. “What are you doing here?”
“Umm…” She tried not to shake with the fear that had just surfaced within her. She blinked at him and felt a little better, but not much.
“Hey, your eyes just went purple! What’s wrong? Are you scared or something?” he asked, with a lot of concern in his voice.
“Do it!” Draco hissed from the shadows.
“Hey! Who are they?” he asked, averting his attention to the direction that Draco’s voice had just come. He squinted, unable to see exactly who stood in the shadows. “Do you know them? It sounds like they were talking to you,” he observed, quietly directing his comment at Shimi.
“Well…” she started.
“Now!” Gorgo hissed.
“What’s going on? Who are they?” He was starting to get confused and a little scared.
Shimi was getting really scared too. She didn’t know what to do. Draco and Gorgo were hissing from the shadows for her to “just do it”, while he stood stiff, not wanting to approach whoever was standing in the shadows, and repeatedly asking what was going on.
“Do it!”
“Who are they?”
“Can someone please tell me who they are? What do you want?!”
“Bite him!”
Finally, Shimi snapped. It was just too much pressure. She screamed and without thinking, bit him. She gasped as he gave her a look of complete horror before slumping to the ground, passed out.
She realized what she had done and blinked, making her eyes turn from lavender to a bright blue. “There! Now are you happy?!” she snapped to Draco and Gorgo, who had now come out of the shadows. She blinked as she turned back and looked at him. “I’m so sorry Quatre!” she whispered, her lavender eyes starting up with tears. With that, she ran off.
“C’mon Gorgo, we’ve done enough here,” Draco sighed as he motioned for his friend to follow.


This is a scene from later in the book:

 “Thank you Shimi!” Draco mumbled through a mouthful of cookie. She could tell she’d just made his week a bit brighter by giving him something to look forward to for the weekend. The thought of that was weird to her, but then again she figured this change in Draco –looking forward to hanging out with and making a new good friend– was a good thing for him. He’d had the same best friend– Gorgo –for as long as she’d known him, and it was probably exciting for him to be gaining a new friend.
And she was right– for Draco, Saturday wouldn’t come soon enough.
Gorgo, on the other hand, was worried. “We’re gonna have to work on getting some high scores you know; some that Quatre won’t be able to beat easily that is, considering his expertise.”
“Whatever Gorgo. We’ll work on it in our spare time then. I agree –he does have some skills but we can’t be jealous.”
“Yes we can,” Gorgo smirked.
 “Gorgo, we’ve been at this all night,” Draco yawned. Friday night had come sooner than he’d expected. “Let’s turn in!”
“No friend. Not when we’ve come this far.” Gorgo didn’t take his eyes off the TV as he answered.
“C’mon! My eyes are drooping and going buggy already!” Draco complained yawning once more and taking a quick look at Gorgo on the chair beside him from where Draco sat on the sofa. “Are you even tired?!” he asked in amazement after seeing the wide-awake look on Gorgo’s face.
“Don’t…talk…we’re…almost there Drake!” Gorgo stuttered, raising his controller a bit higher as though that would help his gaming skills.
“Yeah but– we’re…” Draco trailed off into another yawn.
“Not dead yet,” Gorgo finished for him. “Two levels Drake. Think of what that means. Two left. If we beat them, we’re–”
“Dead. Tired; dead tired,” Draco interrupted, “Listen, I know you want to brag to,” he yawned, “Quatre but I can’t go on. I know I’m normally the night owl but,” another yawn, “I’m beat.”
“Yes you are,” Gorgo pointed out, “you died.”
Draco shook his head, “Well I’m off to bed then. Comin’?” Gorgo didn’t answer. “Alright. And just so you know,” Draco mumbled, heading towards the staircase, “I totally didn’t mean to do that.”
“Yeah, yeah,” Gorgo droned, “whatever.”
Draco laughed slightly, which turned into a yawn. “Night then.” There was no reply.
The next morning, Draco awoke and went to the basement only to find Gorgo still slumped in his chair, controller in hand. Draco was too surprised and too tired to laugh. Instead, he asked in an incredulous voice, “You’re still at it?”
“Oh I beat the game,” Gorgo answered hoarsely, “about three or so hours ago. But that one level –where you got that high score and stuff –I’m trying to do it again, points are what matter now.”
“Listen to yourself Gorg. C’mon, let’s turn it off.” Draco moved toward the console. Gorgo cried out and leapt up after him. They struggled together for a few moments.
“I’ll let you save but you gotta turn it off!” Draco gasped quickly, after Gorgo grabbed him roughly from behind as he attempted to move towards the game console. “Let me go!”
“I will but you gotta promise to walk towards the couch and sit there until I save it.”
“You have my solemn vow.” Gorgo released his hold and watched Draco carefully as he went back and sat on the couch. Gorgo picked up the controller and saved his game, keeping a wary eye on Draco the whole while.
After he finished, he turned the game off and went back to sit in the corner.
The next few minutes were painfully awkward for the two friends as they both sat opposite each other in front of the TV. Draco felt bad for threatening to turn off the game without warning or opportunity to save but he knew Gorgo probably would've done the same if their roles had been reversed.
He also knew, however the feeling of panic that must’ve ran through Gorgo at the thought of losing all he’d worked for. Yes, Draco had felt that sickening feeling one too many times before. He therefore spoke up, “Sorry Gorgo. I didn’t mean to make you panic. I– I wasn’t gonna turn it off. Sorry.”
Gorgo turned to look at him. After a few moments, he shrugged. Draco took it as a sign that meant everything was ok so he himself turned back to the TV. That was just Gorgo’s way and Draco didn’t mind.
Besides, it was morning and Draco hadn’t talked that much during this particularly tough time of the day for him in awhile. He sighed and lay back closing his eyes. Soon, he yawned. No, mornings were never easy.


Here is a scene that is similar to the above scene. This one is from the second book :D

“If I beat you at this, can I have the rest of your cookies?” Draco asked Gorgo as the two battled it out on their videogame downstairs.
“If you beat me at this Draco, you can have my cookies and that cake I was saving up in the fridge.”
The two clicked away at their controllers for several seconds of determined play.
Draco glanced out of the corner of his eye at Gorgo, who looked completely calm. “Gorg,” he murmured. There was no reply. “Gorg!” he repeated.
“Yes,” his friend replied, not at all sounding like he wanted to know what it was Draco wanted but rather like he was answering a question. His eyes never left the TV screen.
“Never mind,” Draco sighed. He waited a few moments and then nudged Gorgo. He noticed no reaction physically or strategically in Gorgo’s game play. He tried again and again but revealed the same results.
“Shit,” Draco mumbled under his breath. He knew he was losing this bet and his pride couldn’t take it. Gorgo would give him a simple but painful reaction to the fact that Draco lost to him and by so many points. It wasn’t fair. “C’mon!” Drake muttered anxiously under his breath as he raised his controller slightly and hit his knobs more furiously. None of this, however, helped.
After about forty more seconds, the game was over. Draco was defeated and Gorgo did exactly what his friend anticipated: he announced Draco’s loss, “Sorry, you lost. No cookies. Or cake.”
“Yeah, yeah I know…” Draco moaned as he put down his controller.
“Did you really need to try and cheat though?” Gorgo asked in amusement as he turned off the console. “Trying to distract me won’t work. You should know that by now, really…” Shaking his head he left Draco alone to sit in his solitary defeat.
“Rematch?” Draco called out hopefully after a short moment. He was greeted by silence. “Damn,” he muttered.
“If you’re thinking of stealing them Draco I wouldn’t try…” Gorgo replied with a smile as he stood back at the bottom of the staircase. “I know how you think…”
“Yeah alright then just go and stop rubbing your defeat in my face,” Draco dismissed dejectedly. “I know you’ve already hid them most likely in your room or in a place I would never think to check which I’ll eventually figure out and then by that time you’ve moved them to a more obvious place or eaten them. We’re best friends; we know what each other are thinking which makes it easier to get along except in cases like this when all I want are your goodies… God that came out wrong! I meant your desserts, uh…well you know what I mean!”
Gorgo smirked, shaking his head. “Catch best friend!”
Draco reflexively reached out and caught the bag of cookies. “Really?” he asked sceptically.
“Yeah but I’m not completely stupid; I removed half of what was left in the first place. Now eat up and enjoy or I’ll change my mind.”
“Thanks Gorg!” Draco called out with his mouth already full of half of a cookie. Gorgo was already up the stairs mentally preparing to enjoy his cake.




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